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Probe Battery Range

Sealed maintenance - free series with calcium/calcium technology offers extended battery life.

The Probe Performance Plus XHD battery has increased grid strength and internal plate supports making it vibration resistant, extremely durable and robust. A unique state - of - charge indicator (Magic Eye) allows you to easily check the power status of your battery.

The fully - sealed characteristics do not allow any access to the battery, making it totally maintenance free.

Our series of cycling batteries offers a complete range of multipurpose and deep cycle batteries for all commercial and industrial applications, namely: marine, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), solar, camping, backup power and for telecommunication stations and energy lighting. This series includes lead calcium “wet plate type”, tubular, AGM, GEL, Lithium Ion Phosphate and Zinc Bromide technologies that cater for various deep cycle applications. We are proud to offer a unique, fully comprehensive alternative energy power package.

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Probe Performance Plus Battery
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Probe Performance Batteries

Probe Xtra Heavy Duty Battery

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