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Probe XHD Plus - Heavy Duty Batteries

Heavy Duty Batteries


Battery Features Polarity Configuration
Enhanced Technology
International Specifications
24 Month National Warranty (Light Duty)
12 Month National Warranty (Heavy Duty)
Terms and Conditions apply.


Improved performance increases cranking and reserve capacity,  resulting in extended life. Low internal resistance improves energy output.
Doesn't needs water as electrolytes are recycled in the double chamber lid. Resistant to overcharging unlike normal lead antinomy and hybrid batteries.
Extended shelf life due to low shelf discharge rate as a result of the silver calcium and plate technology - up to 12 months shelf life. Vibration resistant as a result of internal grid construction and envelope separators.
High resistance to corrosion due to expanded calcium plates. State of charge indicator allowing you to easily check the power status of your battery.

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